“A Gospel of Concepts” – Chapter I

Title: "Genesis"


Act I – “Genesis”

Love is always in the air like the soft morning breeze; Ahlbba, universal creator of life, is eternal and unconditional love, a love that persists through time and mortal flesh, surpassing the physical barrier to transcend the sacredness of all things ethereal.  That transcendence is perpetual and gigantic, impossible to measure by the ages of time.

We are here once again in a new and different dimensional plane among millions of parallel realities that float in this immense ocean called Universe.  The creator does not rest – she cannot do it, her role is not to – it is the reason of her existence over and over again, from world to world, from history to history, she must give life, and she must also guide the thoughtful beings to know the soft morning breeze called true love.

This is the origin of a story about two beings that loved each other with great devotion until the end. Daphnne was a descendent of the royal and ethereal high goblins of the empire from the East, and destined to be heiress of her sister’s throne, Queen AcassiahLyonn was only an ordinary human, born of a humble family from the realm of the West.  Love does not distinguish race, ancestry or creeds.  Love is made to cure all the sicknesses of the soul, but, who or what can cure the soul from the sickness of love?..

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