“A Gospel of Concepts” – Chapter II

Title: "Closing The Warm Circles"


Act II – “Closing The Warm Circles”

To be born, to grow, to live, to multiply and to die, all these elements form the universal law that governs over mortal beings, it does not matter what their race is or where they come from, that is the sacred principle given to all those made of flesh and soul.  For those elements to spin like a wheel of actions, the strings must be pulled by the gods created for such purpose.

These gods were born from the dark energy of the Universe, conceived within “The Dark Chest of Wonders”.  These gods are known as catalyst agents of chaos, Venngher and Ytligh,  their names sound like forbidden words that must never be pronounced by many cultures of the wandering Universe, names too sacred or too terrible and blasphemous, names too heavy like a hundred thousand curses flowing in the air.

These dark twin gods are ready to begin the perverse game, the war drums are heard between two realms completely submerged in a conflict that seems eternal.  Amid so much hatred and destruction, Daphnne and Lyonn, our young lovers, seal a prohibited relationship with the sacred vows of matrimony.  Fate is set, the creators of the Universe that guard “The Door of Ruin” have opened it again to unleash the fury of their dark emotions.

The wheel must never stop spinning, I cannot have fear and I cannot despair over the punishment of death, because love is always stronger and it will keep uplifting me as long as I am with you.

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