Endless Rage #1 – “Blood Pact”

Title: "Endless Rage #1 - Blood Pact"


A personal project i’ve recently retake, the history is not the big thing, just another tale about epic fantasy, warriors, wizards, pervert monsters, sexy good girls and many gore and sex.

The storyline is about a child destined to take part of a misterious bloodline of warriors berserker created by “Venngher”, the divinity of wrath, war and the eternal conflict between races and kingdomes, he was trained pretty hard until he won the prize to be the owner of the mytical armor of the fallen gladiator “bermejo” and a powerful greatsword known as “the endless rage”.

When he take the armor he refuse his own destiny to be the leader of this breed of warriors to start a cruel war against all kingdomes from the midland, and he start a life as mercenary, always in the company of his iron maiden “Mandragora”, another privilege wich he won with that armor, every berserker knight have a iron maiden destined to be his partner and lover until the end of their lives.

This illustration is about the events of the arc called “Blood Pact”, our warrior was punished for his desicion of refuse his destiny and was exiled along with his iron maiden into a strange parallel dimension, he cannot escape from that prison till at least somebody breaks the seal of the powerful enchantment through a blood pact, ironically he should be summoned by a trilogy of powerful lord demons known as “The Triumvirate of Doom”, they were created by “Ytligh”, the dark god of pure evil and the twin sister of “Venngher”, with the only purpose to begin the war that he’ve refused in the past.

But everything’s complicated when suddenly and in a unnespected way “Luna”, a beautiful nymph slave of those lord demons makes the ritual and win the privilege of summon the berserker warrior, the blood pact breaks the curse of the parallel dimension, but now our mercenary must obbey the will of “Luna”, until her contract has been completed, after that, he will be free again.

The big problem is the contract itself, he must kill “The Triumvirate of Doom”, that surely will start the war wich he tried to escape for so many years in the exile as errant mercenary, seems destiny can’t be avoid, and the blood must flow in the midland to please the dark twin gods of the eternal conflict.

I know is too much blah, blah, blah, but i thought will be nice share the story behind this artwork. Sweating a little...


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