Red Dawn

Title: "Red Dawn"


“My family was killed in a nonsense war, my village completely devastated by a terrible cataclysm, my wife was doomed to live as a living dead, my best friend was corrupted by the same evil who destroyed my town and put a curse in my beloved wife, practically i’ve lost everything, i’ve fought with all my strenght, and i’ve lost in vain.

But i cannot give up, still i need to fight, i don’t want to loose my wife, i don’t want to kill my best friend, still i need to fight for them, while i can take a last breath and i can stand up i will take this sword to fight, i will fight for the people i love, and with the first light of this glorious bloody dawn, i will discover the name of that evil hiding between the blackness and i will destroy it…”

More tales from nowhere very soon!.. ;)

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